Development Strategies for Liferay 6

Brian Chan gives a talk on how to use solid dev strategies for Liferay 6.

Three forms of development compatible with Liferay: traditional (Portlet API) developers, content developers (Web Content, WebDAV), and Script developers (JS, PHP and Ruby).  The latter is changing the way companies do development.

Brian demonstrates how you can use Open Social gadgets as first class citizens to Liferay.

Liferay 6 has sandbox directory where you can just create a directory ending in “-theme” and it will scan the directories to create themes automatically rather than downloading the SDK and having to create a theme that way.  Liferay plans to add this capability to portlets and other things in Liferay.

services.xml is a file where you can create entities and Liferay will scan that for changes.  Next you just update the JSP to use the stuff you add to the services.xml file.  Brian shows an example of how scripting development can quickly fail, if you have syntax errors in your code — 2 points for traditional development!

Liferay is making a strategic decision to appeal to all types of developers by using this approach.  The approaches shown today for scripting development will not be officially available till 6.1.  Very interesting stuff!

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