Liferay 6 – The Grand Tour

Rich Sezov, author of Liferay in Action, presents many features of Liferay 6 by creating an “insult creation” application based on his high school experiences (with a mullet wig on…oh, the 80’s).  Liferay’s Service Builder is used to manage persisted data.  Here’s how:

  1. Define your entities in one file (service.xml) to create a remote or local service that will have the primary key and attributes.  You can also define queries in this file.
  2. When complete, run ant build-service to create all the generated code.
  3. You can continue making customizations to certain source files that extended the generated code.
  4. Create DAOs to interact with Service Builder
  5. You can add a portlet to your Liferay instance control panel.
  6. MVCPortlet can be used to implement MVC inside of Liferay.  Create a portlet action to call the function and then set the render parameter to show a different JSP when done.
  7. To pretty things up, you can use Alloy UI.
  8. For validation, you can use Liferay’s validator.

Some other features include internationalization, data traversal, and authorization.  SearchContainer allows you to iterate through data.  You can use PermissionChecker to set-up authorization to the different components on your pages based on the available roles you set-up inside of Liferay.


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