Liferay Symposium Keynote

Today kicks off the Liferay Symposium (West Coast) which just announced the release of Liferay Portal 6EE.  Bryan Cheung and Paul Hinz give the initially keynote and tout the benefits of Liferay 6.  I’ll be blogging my notes about the conference over the next few days.

Some key takeaways include open standards, affordability and extensibility and compatibility with other enterprise applications.  Currently 35,000 community members and estimate 250,000 Liferay installations worldwide.

Some key facts and features demoed during the keynote:

  • Product footprint only 215MB
  • $3,950 per server up to 8 cores ($17k for enterprise level support)
  • New embedded lightweight Workflow engine called Kaleo (or integrate with Italio or jBPM)
  • Can add new pages with a defined set of portlets called “page templates” or you can create site templates for a whole community layout
  • New Web content portlet where you can drag-n-drop UI components onto the portlet.  You can easily change the attributes of any of these to make Liferay a Web publishing platform for non-developers.
  • Social Equity is new so you can weight people on the content they add to say a blog or forum based on participation, time and contribution of posts.
  • Open Social container to consume Google Gadgets
  • Custom fields can be added to any existing object or custom objects you create (e.g., you need to add additional LDAP fields specific to your environment).
  • Liferay IDE is an Eclipse-based IDE; Liferay Developer studio available to EE users.  With this tool you can create new plugin projects and hook into your existing Liferay deployments.  Wizards available to simplify development.
  • Alloy UI is new RIA tool Liferay created based on YUI3 and provides a meta framework for  CSS, HTML and JS.  Vaadin and JSF IceFaces are other UI frameworks available to the Java developer.

What are the differences between EE and CE editions of Liferay?

  • Over 300 fixed issues
  • 200% performance improvement
  • Long term support
  • Additional enterprise configurations and enterprise features such as auditing, reporting and rules.

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