Day 2 – Trends in Enterprise Collaboration

Bryan Cheung gives a topic on enterprise collaboration to the business user audience.

Bryan describes a concept of the porous enterprise which has to be a relationship with the community, marketing and legal to take the good stuff out of your ecosystem and share appropriate information.  A good example of this is Salesforce “Idea Exchange” where people can submit ideas and have them voted up or down.

The mobile enterprise is the next big area of growth for Web applications.  Expensify is such an example where you take a photo of your receipts with your mobile device and create expense reports.

Collaboration of the future will have to take into account multiple facets, whether by community, product or geographical location to create views of information on the fly to make sense of social data.

Ad hoc collaboration is the ability to get input from groups outside the usual slides.

Liferay introduces Social Office to provide a Java-based solution for social computing.  This gives a focused purpose for collaboration using Liferay.  Social Office is designed to give users less customizations, such as portlet sizing or coloring, so that the user can focus on the purpose of the application.


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