TSSJS DAY 2: GWT Flex Smackdown

Mostly listened to this session and was entertained by the banter between James and Matt.  Here’s some tips and selection process that they concluded with.

RIA Tips

  • Don’t load everything on the first page load
  • Slower machines can mean slower clients…know your users
  • Don’t use for sites…use applications
  • Be aware of the file size of the resulting artifact.  They can get pretty big.
  • Work with designers that know how to create RIA (or desktop) clients…not Web apps!

How to choose an RIA framework?

  • Prioritize a list of features that are important to the application
  • Pick 3-4 frameworks and do a 1-week spike for each, deploying the same application
  • Document and rank each framework against the list of features
  • Calculate and choose!
  • GWT is a good alternative for Java developers without a lot of Web development experience (JS/CSS)