Day 2 – Liferay Roadmap 2011

Michael Han gives a peek into the roadmap for Liferay and shows off some new features in 6.0.  Here are some highlights:

  • You can mount other CMS document libraries, such as SharePoint, directly to Liferay  to use with the document library portlet in library.
  • In 6.0, you can specify what types of content can be published.  They also will include version control and custom workflows in 6.1.
  • In 6.1, Workflow Aware Forms will allow end-users to design their own forms and workflow processes to quickly create their own flows and approval processes.  No deployment will be necessary!
  • User Defined Lists will be a quick way of gathering user responses to a particular process such as a survey.  These can be submitted directly into lists that end users can manage and control.
  • Resource Management in 6.1 will allow users to add resources to be scheduled on a group calendar.
  • Liferay Message Center can receive notifications from the workflow engine, private messages, and calendar events.
  • Expertise Locator helps users network with each other based on a given expertise.
  • Several improvements for chat, message boards and blogs.
  • Continue to develop RAD including an IDE to create mashup widgets, DSLs for portal assets and in-portal workflow designer
  • RESTful XML services for bulk content integration
  • Much improved documentation including javadocs for all the service layer methods.
  • Liferay IDE and Developer Studio will include a WYSIWYG development tool for workflows.
  • Portal as platform to scale to over 1million users, use Terracotta for data grids for better cache management and SNMP integration (HP Openview, etc.).  They already have support for Coherence from Oracle.

Much of this functionality will come through plug-ins that you’ll be able to add to 6.0 hopefully by Q1CY11.