SenchaCon Day1: Keynote

Abe Elias (Sencha’s CEO) gives the initial keynote.  Sencha Labs launched 2010 added Rafael, Connect and jQTouch this summer.  Just added invoVIS, MooTouch and CSS3PIE to the mix.

On mobile, we jam the internet onto a mobile device.  What we should (and will) be doing is creating amazing mobile interfaces for the Web that work on multiple devices.  Sencha wants HTML5 to be a huge success.  Their vision is to have all development hosted on the Web wherever, whenever.  Their strategy: 2010 they compiled the best WebKit engineers.  In 2011, they are going to work with device manufacturers and carries to be sure that you can use these webkit apps across many devices.

Next up…a few demos:

  • Marketo (UX Designer Glen Lipka) shows a rich experience using Smart Lists that leverages drag-n-drop to build interactive search to create grid reports on the fly.
  • WidgetBox shows how to build a mobile app in 3 minutes.  Adds mobile widgets built on SenchaTouch to a real live app.  Shows adding twitter, YouTube and polls on they fly.  Graphics show up on the fly.  Take a look at AppMakr too which is similar in concept.
  • shows their “chatter” application for collaboration.  Showed another application built by a developer that hates doing UI development.  ExtJS gives them the ability to bring applications to the end user in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Sencha goes on to make a few announcements:

  • James Pearce from Sencha shows improvements to the community.  SenchaDevs will provide a directory of those developers working with Sencha by the end of Dec 2010.  A prospective client can search this listing to find developers.  This service will be provided for free.
  • Marketing director from Sencha shows some very impressive mobile apps built on Sencha Touch from their contest this fall.  One is a talking crossword puzzle (the winner!), another is TravelMate which shows a translation service and save phrases and currency conversion.  e-Resistable shows an e-delivery service for food items.  Pretty slick!  See all apps creating from this contest here.

SenchaTouch is designed to “unleash the power of HTML 5.” Rich media tools will be at the disposal as well as device access to things like SMS, Contacts, Camera, etc. Filesystem, DB, cache access.  Worker Parallel processing. x-App Messaging for interapp communication.  Sockets will allow you to go beyond HTTP protocol.

Things to look for in 2011:

  • SDKs: ExtJS4 (Jan 2011) – fast, HTML5 chartlog, and great data pkg. SenchaTouch rich touch experience and highly customizable. Touch 1.1  (Jan 11) RIM and Nokia will be added. and in 1.5 (July 11) will manage large data sets and New UX components.
  • Tools: UI Builder will morph into a AppBuilder to build fast apps.  Sencha Designer will also be able to build drag-n-drop applications that can build mobile apps in a matter of minutes!
  • Web Services: Integrate with several app services such as WebFonts, data services, and several others.

Free Upgrade commercial license from ExtJS 3!

And the BIG Announcement: SenchaTouch 1.0 is available and will be licensed commercially for FREE!!