SenchaCon Day2: Ext4 Charting and Visualization

Jamie Evans gives this excellent talk and how to use SVG, VML and HTML5 Canvas for Animation, charting and drawing.

Ext.draw.Surface renders primitives, text, images and gradients.

Ext.draw.Sprite to abstract the drawing elements and normalize differences between engine API syntax as well as do transforms and animations via Ext.fx. You can also do SpriteCompositions

Ext.draw.Component which extends Ext.Component and has engine preference via feature detection to work on any browser today.  You can customize the engine pref order.  Redraw is automatically taken care of for you.  Performance is excellent!

xtype for chart and then set the type to the kind you want (pie, line, bar, etc.).  It can do label config, special animation effects, shadow and highlighting effects, gradients, legends, callouts (tooltips on steroids) and renderers. Many customizations for each of them.

Uses cubic bezier curves for easing between animations in charting.

Printing will be supported across multiple browsers.

The demos are very visual and expressive.  I highly recommend checking the slides out.