TSSJS DAY 1: Rich Enterprise Applications with JavaFX

I sat in on Max Katz’s talk today on JavaFX.  I mostly been using ExtJS for RIA’s on some Flex, but coding in JS or ActionScript leaves something to be desired.  I haven’t seen JavaFX take hold really, but I’m interested in what it may offer.

JavaFX has a scripting language that uses a powerful DSL and the full power of Java to create the UI.  First example he demoed looked verbose and ugly…NOT very impressed thus far.

Flamigo is on open source connection tool to bootstrap RIA to back-end services from Spring, Seam, Java EE services and has an off-line option to hold data locally until you are connected to the network.  It has CRUD tools and server-side push.  Flamingo seems to help support CRUD ops and validation with the back-end from his demos.  It also manages conversation state where you can start a conversation and have it held in session until you end the conversation.

EL is another area he demonstrated that allows you to use a canonical expression (componentName.attribute) to show values in the GUI, but the call was verbose and ugly by his own admission.

For a talk that was supposed to be about RIA, there wasn’t much RIA involved at all.  The title should of been “How to use Flamigo for integrating your RIA with Java”.  Oh well, now I know.